With all export regulations on a face-to-face basis

The good old-fashioned "paperwork" is gone. Today, exports may be declared by means of the electronic export procedure AES (Automated Export System) only. Good to have a customs declarant for that purpose, who feels "at home" in this field!
Save your time, trouble and costs for trainings, updates, hard- and software! Very simply by entrusting us with the declaration of your exports at Customs.

Your part - our part

Please concentrate with relaxation and success on your business. The specialists at Geschw. Stevens GmbH take care of your export declarations. They are always up to date with all requirements, know the peculiarities of the ATLAS system and the standard document codings back to front. And you will see: it costs you less than you might think!

Working with professionals ...

... all parties involved profit from this! Let our team explain how things work and put us to the test! Thereafter you will certainly no longer be willing to make your export declarations yourself! Please call us under +49 (0) 2822–9240–0 or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we will immediately get back to you!